Trish Newcomb displays custom business labels on whoopie pies.

You can have your company’s logo on a whoopie
pie, as shown here. They make great give-aways at
conferences and thank-you gifts to your favorite
clients or employees.


Trish Newcomb, a former Mainer, has a passion for baking.

One of the first cookies she baked as a teenager was whoopie pies, and she’s been baking them for family and friends ever since.

On a visit back to Maine in the summer of 2007, Trish discovered that a lot had changed with whoopie pies.  New flavors–other than the original chocolate cookie with vanilla filling–were now available. Thus began her quest to get started baking again. She took her time-tested, much-loved whoopie pie recipe, updated it so that it would be trans-fat free, and started adjusting it for larger batches and new flavors she created herself.

Calling her whoopie pies “gourmet” seemed appropriate because everyone raved about how good they were: not too dry, and not too sugary-sweet. And some of the new flavors were fancy enough to eat with a fork!

One thing Trish had longed to do was have a mail-order cookie business, something small that could grow into a full-time business as she got closer to retirement age. So, in late 2007, she began her journey into developing the business. In 2015, Trish retired and spends more time with her whoopie pie business, adding new flavors and products every year.

Granville Gourmet Whoopie Pies are currently available at other Granville stores.  (See “Buy Locally”  for details.)  During the summer months, Trish also maintains a booth at the summer Granville Farmers Market, held on North Main Street, and participates in other local festivals where her whoopie pies are offered.  Keep up with her whereabouts by “Liking” her Facebook page at Granville Gourmet Whoopie Pies!

Trish makes all her whoopie pies fresh for each order, and also accepts orders over the phone for local parties and gatherings.  Call her at 740-975-4474 today.